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Newly Arrived Refugees Explore Their Public Lands - Imagine the shock of moving to a new country. Add to that an entirely new environment with animals, plants, and places you have never seen before. The Bureau of Land… Continue Reading
U.S. Arctic Youth Ambassadors Meet President Obama - U.S. Arctic Youth Ambassadors Esau Sinnok and James Chilcote had the incredible opportunity to travel to Yosemite National Park to celebrate the National Park Service Centennial alongside President Obama and… Continue Reading
Volunteers Celebrate National Trails Day - Thirty-five volunteers turned out to help the Bureau of Land Management with National Trails Day projects at the Campbell Creek Science Center. This year’s work included completing a variety of… Continue Reading
New Dinosaur Discovery: Ugrunaaluk kuukpikensis or, “Ancient Grazer” - Along the Colville River’s ancient sediments in the Liscomb Bone Bed (an area managed by BLM Alaska) lies a trove of fossils. Each field season, the BLM issues permits that… Continue Reading
Kids Learn about Seabirds at Pribilof Summer Camps - The Pribilof Islands are a group of four islands located off the coast of mainland Alaska in the Bering Sea – Saint Paul, Saint George, Otter Islet, and Walrus Islet.… Continue Reading

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