winter blm ccsc(Photo Credit: Friends of the Campbell Creek Science Center, circa 2013 – we haven’t seen that much snow in a while!)

There may be snow on the ground and frigid temperatures, but that doesn’t stop the Bureau of Land Management’s Campbell Creek Science Center from getting Alaskan kids outdoors!

The Campbell Creek Science Center is located on the BLM’s 730-acre Campbell Tract in the heart of Anchorage. The CCSC partners with the Anchorage School District and an array of other partners to provide local students with hands-on experiential education programs that inspire a sense of wonder, increase understanding of science, and imbue youth with a lifelong curiosity about the natural world.

ccsc-blm2(Photo Credit: BLM Alaska)

Recently, fourth graders visited the Science Center to discover snow science and explore the winter wonderland of the Campbell Tract. Activities included dressing up as snowshoe hares to demonstrate animals’ winter adaptations, investigating the middens that squirrels inhabit in the winter when there’s not enough snow for proper insulation (a likely scenario considering our recent mild winters!), and recording temperatures of outside water bottles covered in wool, fleece, and cotton in order to draw conclusions about what type of clothes to wear in order to stay warm in the winter.

ccsc-blm1(Photo Credit: BLM Alaska)

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