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Capturing the Northern Lights in BLM’s White Mountains NRA

(BLM Photo/Bob Wick) As spring comes to Alaska, we give a final “hurrah!” to the darkness of winter, which has its own special beauty. For one thing, it allows us to see the northern lights in vivid colors. The National Bureau of Land Management Wilderness Program Lead, Bob Wick (who is also a photographer), visited the [...]

Year-Round Learning with the BLM!

(Photo Credit: Friends of the Campbell Creek Science Center, circa 2013 - we haven't seen that much snow in a while!) There may be snow on the ground and frigid temperatures, but that doesn’t stop the Bureau of Land Management’s Campbell Creek Science Center from getting Alaskan kids outdoors! The Campbell Creek Science Center is [...]

BLM Alaska Hosts Teachers on Public Lands

Fran Daly with the Copper River Watershed Project. (Photo Credit: BLM Alaska) This past summer, BLM Alaska sponsored two “Teachers on the Public Lands” – one based at the Copper River Watershed Project in Cordova and one based at the BLM Campbell Tract/Campbell Creek Science Center in Anchorage. The teachers learned about BLM’s resources and [...]

Alaska’s Wild Roads

Only a small portion of Alaska is accessible by road. Out of the roads that do exist, there are many gems that provide visitors with access to Alaska’s remote and rugged wilderness. Take a journey down Nabesna Road into the northern reaches of Wrangell St. Elias National Park, or travel north on the Dalton Highway to the very top of the continent – and witness endless majesty along the way!