Partner With Us

Early experiences with the wonder and intricacy of the natural world lead to a lifelong relationship with our wildest places. Alaska Geographic works alongside our many agency and community partners to connect youth to the outdoors through a variety of programs that encourage exploration, understanding, empathy, and stewardship. Learn more about our invested partners.

All of our programs are based on partnerships. Alaska Geographic brings together schools, researchers, cultural leaders, businesses, youth organizations, universities, nonprofits, public lands agencies, and many others to connect people with Alaska’s wild places. Collectively we accomplish a lot more than any of us could on our own.

Partners provide educational content, connect participants to citizen science and monitoring networks, assist with stewardship projects, mentor youth, donate gear, work with schools, and help support Alaskans and visitors on pathways to lifelong stewardship of Alaska’s parks, forests, and refuges.

Partners of our youth programs benefit from the invaluable contributions of young Alaskans, including volunteer time, innovative problem solving, advice on engaging younger generations, expertise with new communication, and inspired leadership.

Many organizations benefit from working with local youth in our programs—from helping to achieve their mission and annual goals to gaining positive recognition in their communities.

How can you or your organization get more involved?

  • Do you have funds or in-kind contributions to make? Partner with us on a learning project with a local school or an expedition that introduces young Alaskans to the outdoors while making meaningful contributions to the environment.
  • Are you connected to potential Alaska service projects? Help to develop and implement projects for Alaska youth.
  • Do you work directly with Alaska youth, such as through a school or youth organization? Help us to recruit and be successful with students from new audiences.
  • Are you a leader in cross-cultural communication and awareness? Train our staff and youth participants in overcoming barriers to public lands belonging to everybody.
  • Are you a resource professional? Contribute educational content to our program and model different career interests and pathways.

Become a sponsor or supporter:

  • Sponsor a teen on a stewardship expedition.
  • Help cover the high cost of travel from rural Alaska for a young Alaskan to participate in meetings of the Arctic Council and the Arctic Youth Ambassadors program.
  • Contribute gear to outfit a crew working on a field project. Most of the teens we work with lack appropriate gear to work in Alaska’s extreme weather.
  • Fund an intern to encourage some of our most committed youth leaders to stay involved. Interns assist trip leaders, write and produce media stories, organize outdoor club events, help recruit and mentor new students, advise regional and national public lands leadership, and assist with public outreach events, among many other things.


Contact us to learn more about supporting stewardship and youth programs at 907.274.8440