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Increased connection with Alaska’s magnificent outdoors helps foster a strong ethic of stewardship for Alaska’s forests, parks, and refuges. By connecting Alaska’s communities with their surrounding public lands, we work with local schools and the USFS, USFWS, NPS and BLM to ensure the long-term health of these cherished landscapes. We believe that the more young people and their families know and experience Alaska’s public lands, the greater their commitment to conserving them for future generations. Many kids grow up in Alaska with very few opportunities to discover their wild backyards– places other people travel from across the globe to visit.


We facilitate partnerships with local schools to integrate outdoor learning, local content, and field trips to public lands into their school curriculum and learning objectives. Community partners and businesses help to cover the cost of buses for field trips, scientists and cultural leaders provide real-world service projects and Alaska-specific educational content, and volunteers help story-telling, media production, and family nights to better share student work with their parents and communities.

Current School and Education Program Partnerships

Anchorage School District

  • King Career Center
  • Mears Middle School
  • Begich Middle School
  • Migrant Education Program
  • Highland Tech Charter School

Chugach School District
Cordova School District
University of Alaska Anchorage
Alaska Pacific University
Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program