About Alaska Geographic

Alaska Geographic works in partnership with public land agencies to connect people with Alaska’s national parks, forests, refuges and conservation lands through the creation and delivery of exceptional educational products and programs.

Since 1959, Alaska Geographic has been the nonprofit education partner of Alaska’s spectacular national parks, forests, refuges, and conservation lands; we support education programs and publications, and raise funding for youth programs, stewardship projects, and arts and education programs.  Together with our public land partners, we are dedicated to sharing Alaska’s rich natural and cultural heritage.

Our 2019-2024 Strategic Plan

We envision inspired people experiencing, supporting, and protecting Alaska’s national parks, forests, refuges, and conservation lands for generations to come.

Our mission is to work in partnership with public lands agencies to connect people with Alaska’s parks, forests, and conservation lands through the creation and delivery of exceptional products and programs.

visual image of Alaska Geographic's Strategic Plan
Alaska Geographic Strategic Plan Graphic

We are Educational Retail Stores

Our 36 stores in visitor centers across Alaska are education gateways to Alaska’s parks, forests, and refuges. We offer the best books, trail guides, maps, and unique local gifts to better understand and remember the awe-inspiring places you visit. Visit our online store for pre-trip planning and post-trip memories. Revenue from our store sales is returned to the public lands to support education programs, stewardship projects, and youth programs.
To contact our retail store operations: 907-274-8440 or info@alaskageographic.org.

In addition to our online store, you can find Alaska Geographic logo apparel through our Bonfire fundraising store.

We are Education Programs

Alaska Geographic Field Courses foster deeper connections to Alaska’s wild places and inspires people to engage as stewards of their public lands. In all of our educational programs we work in close partnership with public lands leaders, local experts, and cultural leaders. Visit the Denali Education Programs main page to learn about our youth engagement programs, adult/teacher courses, custom educational services. Our primary partners in these field education endeavors are the National Park Service, the Chugach National Forest, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
To contact the Denali operation working at the Murie Science and Learning Center: 907-683-9632, or courses@akgeo.org
To contact the state-wide operation based out of Anchorage: 907-274-8440, or info@alaskageographic.org.

We are Partners

We are proud to partner with the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and Bureau of Land Management. Our retail interpretive stores and educational services have provided over $20 million in support donations to our agency partners and funded thousands of local youth in education, leadership, and career programs. We also partner with many local and corporate businesses and school districts wishing to foster greater stewardship and youth enrichment associated with Alaska’s vast public lands.
To contact our administrative offices: 907-274-8440, or info@alaskageographic.org.