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About Alaska Geographic Field Institute

At Alaska Geographic Field Institute we foster deeper connections to Alaska’s wildest places, inspiring people to engage as stewards of their public lands, natural resources, and cultural heritage. We work with partners to nurture greater opportunities to learn, explore, and give back to Alaska’s wildest places and make public lands a valued asset for our future.

We strive to get people outside, foster deep commitments to their wild places, and overcome barriers to more people benefiting from outdoor spaces both close and far from home.

We are a partner.

We are the official nonprofit partner to the National Park Service, US Forest Service, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and Bureau of Land Management in Alaska. We work in partnership with these public land agencies to provide greater interpretive, educational, and stewardship opportunities to the public.

We facilitate collaboration between public lands agencies, businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofits around Alaska to expand capacity for our shared goals of hands-on place based learning and public land stewardship.

We inspire outdoor learning.

We work to get people outside through direct outdoor programs like day trips, field courses, guest speaker presentations, school programs, and youth expeditions
We increase connections to natural places through place-based education
We empower leadership through outdoor skills training
We work to connect Alaska’s rural and urban communities through outdoor programs.

We foster deep commitments to public lands.

We mentor youth through hands-on skills training, internships, and career development
We empower youth to undertake leadership opportunities in their communities
We create long-lasting relationships with youth through on-going support and communication.

We overcome obstacles of participation in public lands.

We seek to identify, understand, and overcome obstacles of diversity in public lands
We foster inclusion, a sense of place, and identification with outdoor spaces
We promote media that reflects diverse perspectives in public land engagement.