Board of Directors

Bonni Brooks – Chair

Paul Anderson – Vice Chair

Charley Money – Treasurer

Mary Tougas – Secretary

Thomas Baker

Jim Brodie

Steve David

Kari Gardey

Ralph Samuels

Jillian Simpson

Rebecca Talbott


Andy Hall

Executive Director

Brian Belger

Director of Retail Operations

Caitlyn Tetterton

Director of Anchorage Education

Madeleine Morimoto

Director of Murie Science and Learning Center (MSLC) Education

Rachael Eggleston

Creative Director

April Mathers

Director of Finance

Mark Bailey

Regional Operations Manager

Liz Munns

Regional Operations Manager

Mischa Lopiano

Anchorage Education Program Coordinator

Al Ruedas

MSLC Program Coordinator

Samantha Lilly

Marketing and Community Outreach Manager

Shandon Palmer

Staff Accountant

Steve Brown

Retail Operations Manager

Joey Sirois

Anchorage Education Program Coordinator

Jess Brillhart

MSLC Field Course Coordinator

Karen Bente

Office Administrator