Nominations are open for 2024 summer expeditions!

2024 Nominator Form

  • Thank you for helping Alaska Geographic and our partners recruit students for this summer’s Teen Expeditions. We need your assistance to reach students who will benefit most from these life-changing experiences. These multiday wilderness experiences are designed for students who have not had similar opportunities but who will excel when given the chance. Participants will spend time with Rangers, get hands-on experience with volunteer stewardship projects and scientific monitoring, learn wilderness recreation skills, meet other teens from around Alaska, and develop their leadership skills.

    Who can nominate?
    Individuals (18+ years of age) in mentorship roles who know a teen who would greatly benefit from this experience, but would otherwise not be able to attend an expedition. Nominators should be able and willing to support the teen through the application, paperwork, and trip preparation process, if needed. While parents may aid in the application process, we do not accept nominations from parents or primary guardians for their teens. We discourage nominations from other immediate family members (ie. siblings) but will consider those applications on a case-by-case basis. We use the nomination process to ensure we are understanding the teen's desire and need for participation in our courses.

    Who is eligible?
    We recruit students from Alaska communities who meet these criteria:
    • Show high potential in leadership, science, or outdoor skills and will be excited about this opportunity
    • Would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate in a similar experience
    • Will be respectful of the other participants and adults (forest rangers, trip leaders)
    How to nominate a student
    1. Nominate a student by filling out the form below. If you do not receive an email notification, please check your junk box.
    2. Share these opportunities with the students you nominate. As the nominator, please send the student the application and help the student as necessary to complete the form on time.
    3. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis. Once students are nominated and submit an application, we will prioritize participants by those who meet the criteria. Applications will be reviewed every two weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will be able to participate. We keep an active waiting list in case spots open up.

  • Please note: We do not accept nominations from parents for their teens
  • The level of physical activity and length of time in the field varies from program to program. If you have questions regarding the social, emotional, or physical aspects of a program, please do not hesitate to reach out for further discussion. We are here to help successfully place students in the appropriate trip and can provide additional details on any of the programs. Please note, our staff are not therapist, counselors, or clinically trained and these experiences are not wilderness therapy programs. However, our staff do have the appropriate physical and mental health training needed to create safe and inclusive spaces for students.
  • We offer these programs at no cost to the participants. We are committed to continue breaking down barriers and getting teens out onto their public lands, but we need help to continue offering these programs at no cost. If you are affiliated with an organization that can fully or partially sponsor the teen you are nominating, please check the box below and we will contact you to discuss further. The full cost of a backpacking program is $750/student, and the full cost of a sea kayaking program is $1,300/student. Thank you for your support, we couldn't offer these programs without our community.
  • Please encourage the student to complete their application: