Teacher Scholarships

Alaska Geographic and the National Park Service recognize that teachers have the ability to empower and inspire our youth. Every year, Alaska Geographic funded scholarships provide financial support to teachers wishing to attend our courses in Denali. Teachers that attend our field courses help us share park science and an appreciation for public lands, our joint mission with the Murie Science and Learning Center. 

The scholarship program is available to full-time K-12 teachers within Alaska.  Applications will be accepted until January 23, 2024 and will be  evaluated on the applicant’s anticipated use of the subject matter in a creative and practical manner.  Fourteen $375 scholarships will be awarded in the following courses:

May 31 – June 2  Boreal Forest Ecology
June 5 – 7               Explore your Environment with Alaska Project Learning Tree
June 7 – 9               Birds of Denali
June 12 – 14         Denali Paleontology
June 21 – 24         Yoga in Denali: Land and Body
June 25 – 27         Wildflowers of Denali
June 28 – 30         Artist Expedition: Researching Water
July 19 – 21          Denali’s Alpine Wildlife
July 26 – 28          Wolves of Denali
August 2 – 4          Geology of Denali
August 14 – 16     Bears of Denali
August 16 – 18     Mushrooms in Denali

Application Process:
Please read all of the information for the courses which interest you to determine whether or not an Alaska Geographic field course is right for you.  This will also help you decide if you are physically fit enough to participate.  If you are uncertain about your abilities for a field course, please contact us for more information.  When you are ready to apply, please click the link below.  Good luck!

For questions please contact us by email.

This scholarship program is supported by Denali National Park and Preserve through the Murie Science and Learning Center.