Growing future stewards of Alaska's wildest places

Youth Programs

Early experiences leading to a lifelong relationship with Alaska’s wildest places.

At Alaska Geographic we partner with land managers, scientists, educators, and communities across Alaska to connect thousands of kids to their first outdoor experiences. We further those connections through focused mentorship and opportunities to become youth leaders.

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Youth Camps & Expeditions

From exploring ancient archaeological sites of the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve to investigating climate change while backpacking through Denali National Park, our Stewardship expeditions encourage exploration, learning, and stewardship of our public lands. We work with key partners to offer these youth opportunities across Alaska.

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Youth Outdoor Club/Youth Leadership Programs

Youth Mentorship & Leadership Development

For many of the teens we meet, getting outdoors is a whole new experience. We keep them connected through exciting day trips that combine stewardship and adventures  such as ice climbing and fishing, skiing to glaciers, invasive species removal, and lots of hikes!

Our mentorship programs take kids as far as they want to go. Many teens are going on to jobs and careers in science, land management, outdoor recreation, and tourism.

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Chugach Children's Forest

Chugach Children’s Forest Program (past program)

The Chugach Children’s Forest introduces diverse, young Alaskans to their wild backyard. Despite the abundance of wild places in Alaska, many Alaskan youth have never ventured outside their local communities to explore Alaska’s vast expanse of public lands. The Chugach Children’s Forest EMPOWERS and ENABLES Alaskan youth to explore these wild places that are so close, yet so far.

We address the financial and cultural obstacles that prevent underrepresented youth from becoming engaged in the outdoors. We overcome these barriers to engagement and give Alaskan youth what is thought of as an “Alaskan experience” – full of outdoor adventure!

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Arctic Youth Ambassadors with John Kerry

Arctic Youth Ambassadors Program

The Arctic Youth Ambassadors Program brings together diverse youth from across Alaska to serve as ambassadors for their communities and country in building awareness at home and abroad about life in the Arctic.

Over the course of two years, which coincide with the U.S. Chairmanship of the Arctic Council, the youth ambassadors will share both their local perspective on Arctic issues and priorities and new knowledge they will gain by engaging with partners and leaders from around the world. They’ll add their voices and solutions to a global conversation about how to sustain communities, cultures and the environment in a changing Arctic.

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2013 Chugach Children's Forest Youth Leadership Day, Spence Glacier Whistlestop

Custom Expeditions

From local day programming to multi-week backcountry expeditions, Alaska Geographic is your Outdoor Education partner. Please contact us to discuss your group in further detail.

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“I have to believe in a future with wilderness. My grandchildren will live in the 22nd century; it needs to be there for them too.”

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