Vendor Highlight: T.R. McTaggart

Not all screen-printing and embroidery businesses are created equal. For nearly 60 years, T.R. McTaggart has been serving the needs of outdoor tourism destinations across the country. In 2021, Alaska Geographic was added to this collection of partnerships, bringing together one of the country’s long-serving providers of decorated apparel to one of the most beautiful tourism destinations across the United States.

T.R. McTaggart was built on the premise of learning its partners’ needs and developing apparel and souvenir offerings to drive consumer connection while enhancing revenue for retail settings at local, state, and national tourism destinations. T.R. McTaggart, though, understands that it makes much more than that. What we make, what we help you to deliver to visitors – those are memories.

T.R. McTaggart has invested in its design and production teams, through training, apparel trend-spotting, and pushing the boundaries of traditional design. Our full-time, in-house designers work in tandem with our production team to ensure that our partners’ vision is brought to life – ensuring quality and delivery are top of mind, merchandising in-store and online is well-supported and visitors to destinations are enticed to purchase product to capture the memory of their visit. To support the needs of our many partners, we have focused on sustainably sourced and manufactured product, including t-shirts made with recycled water bottles – a Repreve® product. The sheer variety of sustainably made product is immense – and where our expertise lies.

The T.R. McTaggart sales and design team brings to life the AK GEO projects and partnership. Though our partnership with AK GEO began recently, we’ve been discussing projects for years. We’re committed to working to get projects correct and bring customer visions to life. We’re proud of how our partnership has evolved from our initial conversations at a Public Lands Alliance show to bringing those to fruition with apparel, hats, and souvenir products throughout 2022.

T.R. McTaggart is part of a much larger, family-owned company – Forward Corporation. Serving northern and mid-Michigan families for nearly 100 years, Forward began as a single gas station serving travelers to northern Michigan. Since then, Forward has grown to employ nearly 900 employees and operates four unique business divisions in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries – including T.R. McTaggart. Annually, Forward Corporation supports community organizations through its golf outing, national partner charitable giving programs, and supporting the needs of smaller, local organizations. T.R. McTaggart donates clothing to local and regional shelters, clubs, and philanthropic organizations.

For 2023, T.R. McTaggart is again a proud partner with AK GEO, this time on the Katmai Bear* project. Certainly, one of the most compelling pieces of artwork the T.R. team has seen across its production floor and design room in years, paired with sustainably made, incredibly soft t-shirts – team T.R. is proud to serve Alaska’s public lands.

Content provided by Landi Goodman, Marketing Specialist with T.R. McTaggart

“Jeff working on Katmai Bear” provided by T.R. McTaggart team